How We Got Here…

The Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) was created in 2006 as a tool and IT support for its parent company, The Plan Consulting Group (TPCG).

TPCG utilized the environment as part of many Fortune 1000 client’s cost reduction programs that identified savings in facility & real estate centric operations in large industrial and healthcare clients.

As the CWE thrived and matured, it recognized the importance of becoming an agnostic environment that helps visualize and connect desperate data sets in a manner that allows for actionable decision making.

Since 2013, the TPCG has invested heavily to expand and enhance its robustness and capability.

In 2016, TPCG partnered with NJW Limited and acquired exclusive distribution rights in North America for its top-hat product, FOCAL365. The addition of enhanced Business Intelligence (BI) and industry leading integration capability has led the CWE to move out and become its own North Carolina based, Limited Liability Company (LLC) and re-branded the platform to CWE ONEVIEW.