Strategic partners work with CWE to achieve a particular goal and often linking a sequence of solutions to accomplish global assignments.

We have built alliances with some of the world’s leading-edge companies to bring together the most relevant methodologies. These companies have a proven reputation for collaboration and reliability. In partnership, through technology and relationships, we deliver business information solutions that are both comprehensive and intuitive.

The CWE strategic technology partnership program provides partners and clients with a platform to directly contribute to the development of global technology solutions addressing industry benchmarks, challenges and priorities, in addition to a hub of networking opportunities.

Autonomic Software was founded in 2004 with the objective of creating software solutions based on the autonomic principals of computing. Autonomic Software’s current set of products are endpoint and security management that include PC Power Management, Patch and Application Management and Software asset and Licensing Management.

Autonomic Software’s Patch Management solution makes it easy to deploy security and application updates to Windows and Linux operating systems and applications. In addition, the solution also simplifies deployment of 3rd party application updates such as Adobe, Java, Mozzilla, Chrome, and custom application updates. These custom and 3rd party updates are deployed in the same fashion as Windows updates.

AvidXchange revolutionizes the way companies pay their bills.

AvidXchange revolutionizes the way companies pay their bills by providing a solution that streamlines the entire Accounts Payable process–from invoice receipt through vendor payment. All of AvidXchange’s solutions are SaaS based, which means that there is one platform for clients to login to for anytime, anywhere access to all invoice and payment data.

AvidXchange makes it easy to automate with a 45-day implementation guarantee, and integration to more than 100 accounting systems.

Blue Pillar’s packaged, turnkey products enable organizations to securely and cohesively monitor, manage and control distributed power infrastructure, regardless of manufacturer or level of existing automation.

The ability to connect, collect, control and visualize allows for greater in-depth knowledge on how a facility is performing.

BuildPulse is your data analyst and systems expert in the cloud; pulling together all operational data, elevating your team and building performance by automatically identifying areas to improve.

BuildPulse connects to your existing HVAC & lighting controls infrastructure, meter, utility, and weather data across your portfolio to continuously benchmark and commission your buildings. The result is automated reporting and alerts that clearly explain what to address, who should address it, and in what order based on payback potential.

For the past 25 years, Cost Control Associates has helped clients across all industry segments reduce and better manage energy and waste removal costs through a variety of innovative programs. Because they are independent from utility providers and equipment installers, they are guided solely by their client’s best interest.

For energy and waste removal costs, Cost Control Associates offers:

  • Cost Recovery and Reduction
  • Data Analysis and Review
  • Location Open and Close Services

Dude Solutions, parent company of SchoolDude, FacilityDude and TheWorxHub, is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of operations management solutions to education, government, healthcare, manufacturing and membership-based organizations.

The company combines innovative technology with operational insight to transform the places people learn, live, heal, work and play. Today, more than 9,000 organizations are using Dude Solutions’ award-winning software for facilities, energy, safety, IT and a growing suite of related enterprise applications to increase efficiencies, improve service and save money.

EnergyPrint powers solutions to help you Find, Track & Prove energy savings in commercial buildings. They work in collaboration with companies who want to operate and maintain better performing buildings, and ultimately measure and prove that their efforts and investment pay off.

They work directly with utilities to gather, input and validate data—providing a hassle-free solution that reduces administrative and engineering expense for building owners, and the professionals who serve them. They ensure accurate data and provide relevant insights. Plus, they report on sustainability and carbon metrics, including ENERGY STAR®.

Hudson Technologies focuses their full attention on refrigerants and how they impact chiller performance. From refrigerant sales and reclamation services to on-site problem solving and energy-saving assessments, they lead the way in ensuring that your systems operate at peak performance.

Through the use of their patented software model, their highly skilled team of chemists and engineers optimizes your system while lowering your operating costs by reducing your system’s energy consumption.

At NJW, we have evolved from providing a full range of professional workplace services to being commissioned as strategic consultants identifying significant opportunities to make value-adding changes in the way that people work.

Today, NJW develop web-based integrated workplace management solutions and provide a full range of professional strategic workplace services. The FOCAL365 Top HAT analytics were officially launched in 2012 and provide executives with critical insight into their disparate data sources leveraging performance, trends and facilitating strategic planning.

RPA Pulse was established as a business unit within RPA Design to help facilitate Building Information Modeling (BIM) into their client’s workflows. While providing BIM expertise internally, RPA Pulse begin to grow three years ago as a service offered to external companies and clients.

RPA Pulse breaks down the Design-to-FM implementation workflow into three different areas; Information Management, Model Management & Facility Management.

Information Management is the practice of gathering existing information about the equipment and facility, while also creating standards for future projects to deliver the information in a desired format. Model Management provides owners the ability to build current facilities in BIM and while understanding and reviewing the projects currently being developed. The owner’s knowledge of BIM should not dictate whether the project teams are delivering their projects within a BIM deliverable. Last Facility Management is a combination of Information and Model management. Taking all of this data and placing it within facility management software, owners gain a 3D database that will save them time and money in their daily operations.

The SMART Temps® Temperature Management System was designed, developed, and patented by the SMART Temps management team who, combined, have more than 50 years of food safety experience.

In its beginning the system’s sole function was to aid in the management and safekeeping of food, equipment and other temperature-dependent products for the school nutrition industry. Recently, they have found this system can go beyond the safekeeping of food and be used in protecting inventory such as vaccines in hospitals, blood in blood banks, and other critical inventory related to the healthcare industry. SMART Temps continues to strive to improve and develop better solutions to wireless temperature monitoring and beyond.

With a complete focus on voice and data services, Tellennium drives out hidden costs in operating expenses by streamlining communications technology through objective consulting and ongoing telecom expense management.

Recognized in 2015 by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing companies for the ninth year in a row, Tellennium delivers an elite combination of software technology, reporting tools, processes and veteran personnel for the centralized management of enterprise-wide carriers and services. Driven by their trademarked solution of processes, Integrated Telecom Management, enterprises save millions of dollars in inaccurate and fraudulent billing, as well outsourcing significant FTE time within A/P process workflow and IT telecom support.

xOverTime empowers companies to work more effectively and collaboratively with Excel-based business processes. Though Excel is a powerful business tool, its unstructured data typically does not participate in the enterprise IT infrastructure, which creates data governance and security risks.

xOverTime’s Excel-enabled cloud database helps business users collaborate and manage data to drive business decisions. Users remain in control of their data with added security, collaboration and analysis tools, plus the ability to easily integrate Excel data with other enterprise applications.