The Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) supports consulting companies in large-scale cost-reduction programs in the Technical Operations space by being the platform for collaboration, reporting and performance tracking. In order to establish baselines and gain understanding of current spend and configurations of large portfolios, is it crucial to collect and analyze historical data that resides in the organizations’ data sources.

Due to the large amounts of data and widespread use of excel-based tools by analysts, CWE has partnered with xOverTime  to help standardize, analyze, and structure excel based data. This enhanced functionality helps CWE collect and report data as it is exported from systems to excel, in addition to, capturing relevant data that is managed in an offline excel environment inside the organization.

xOverTime delivers an Excel-enabled cloud database that helps business users collaborate and manage data to drive business decisions. Their cloud-based SaaS solution empowers users to manage their Excel data over time while adding security, collaboration and analysis tools, plus the ability to integrate the data with other enterprise applications.

Application Description:

xOverTime’s cloud database solves spreadsheet data challenges while minimizing the cost and risks associated with resistance to change by enabling users to leverage existing spreadsheets and corporate systems. Users stay in control of their data with the familiar Excel environment while gaining the benefits of a cloud database. xOverTime provides an Excel add-in that makes it easy for users to establish and manage the database right in Excel, while the xOverTime Web dashboard provides users the ability to easily analyze and share data. By extracting key data out of workbooks and storing it securely in a cloud database, users can share data without having to share their entire workbook. Users can perform trend analysis, reporting and aggregation on data from multiple sources or owners, with the added ability to integrate the data with other enterprise applications.


Today Excel is heavily relied upon to store, manipulate and report key technical and operations data. Even when commercial software is in place for some functions, Excel often augments those processes for data entry, reporting and interfacing to other systems.  xOverTime extends existing Excel capabilities to establish a database of information that supports better business processes and integration with other systems, without replacing functioning data collection and reporting processes. While many areas of technical operations can benefit from implementation of new commercial systems, xOverTime can be used to upgrade current Excel-based systems so they can smoothly integrate into an overall technical operations solution.

For CWE customers, xOverTime will allow Excel to easily support primary CWE components and it will expand the footprint of a CWE implementation by incorporating xOverTime into Excel processes, allowing them to participate in the overall solution.



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