Organizations are embracing a multi-cloud strategy to help them drive
more agility and efficiency while creating differentiation. In this multicloud
environment, many developers deploy resources in a way to optimize
productivity and efficiency. However, this leaves organizations vulnerable to the
possibility of overspending when resources are left untracked.

In this whitepaper, CloudHealth Technologies along with ParkMyCloud present
a simple way in which organizations can save money through policies and
automation while using our proven platforms.

applications developed in a multi-cloud environment. From news
organizations to financial behemoths, across healthcare, manufacturing,
retail, and government, irrespective of organization size and type,everyone
wants to leverage multi-cloud platforms to achieve agility, efficiency and
security. In short, disrupt using multi-cloud or be ready to be disrupted.
Some existing companies are heavily invested in data centers while
others are born in cloud. However, for most organizations it’s not an “all
or nothing” conversation. Combining the reliability and security of onpremises
infrastructure with the agility and flexibility of public clouds can be

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