CWE was created in 2006 as an external intranet and IT support team for its parent consulting companies. 

The parent companies utilized the CWE environment and team as part of many Fortune 1000 clients’ cost reduction programs that identified savings in facility and real estate centric operations across all industries.

As the CWE thrived and matured, it recognized the importance of becoming an agnostic environment that helps visualize and connect disparate data sets in a manner that allows for actionable decision making.

Since 2013 , we have invested heavily to expand and enhance our robustness and capabilities through strategic partnerships.

In 2016 , TPCG partnered with NJW Limited and acquired exclusive distribution rights in North America for its top-hat product, FOCAL365.

In 2019, CWE partnered with SAS Institute, Vorro, and Zencos Consulting to re-develop the OneView platform and to provide a host of advanced analytical solutions and capabilities.

In 2020, CWE partnered with Microsoft and Pax8 to provide small-medium sized businesses the necessary cloud solutions and technologies needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment. 

Today, CWE is expanding its own technology tool-set, adding proven technology partners, and helping customers around the world expedite their digital transformations and cost reduction programs.

Mission and Vision

Project Methodology

CWE’s proven project methodology of DEFINE, DESIGN, DELIVER is used across all platforms and service offerings. This methodology enables a collaborative engagement with our customers while reducing up-front costs and risks. Defining and Designing solutions before full deployment ensures we don’t waste important resources. Together, CWE and our customers select the ideal technology stack that solves their use-case while being able to plug into a large data management and analytics strategy. Organizations can use the deliverables from our Define and Design stages to evaluate who is best suited to Deliver the final solution (internal resources, RFP, sole source, etc.) 

Define Design Deliver Methodology