Organizations lose millions a year in incorrectly billed and processed utility invoices.

How does the CWE solve these issues for your company?

Utility Bill Administration


Utility Bill Administration (UBA) offers an integration of service providers to streamline utility invoice processing, payment, data presentment and administrative services.

This program works to gather, input and validate utility data – providing a solution that reduces administrative and engineering expenses. UBA ensures accurate data and provides relevant insights and reporting on sustainability and carbon metrics, including ENERGY STAR®.

The CWE UBA platform is 
completely compatible
with all legacy data systems and tools

Our services assist an organization to find and cleanse existing data, identify gaps and seek missing information.

The data is then organized and presented via our web-based technology in reports and dashboards that allow professionals and executives to draw conclusions and make informed business decisions.

CWE platform will seamlessly integrate with your existing utilities, energy suppliers and facility partner products and utility vendor applications to form a powerful single solution for any organization. 

CWE offers historical and ongoing utility invoice collection, data processing and bill consolidation. This allows for energy costs consumption and carbon reporting as well as utility invoice auditing and exception reporting which will streamline the approval process.