For over 10 years, Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) has advised organizations across the world in delivering independent and effective technical operations strategies and solutions.

CWE’s mission is to connect and enhance business communities in technology, in person, and online. Through our work with industry-leading brands, we serve professionals in more than 10 separate market sectors. Our expert reputation is rooted in decades of experience, providing customers with the information they need to respond to shifting demands and to make informed business decisions.

CWE’s portfolio of online products offers both our clients and our partners the opportunity to leverage our strong relationships, efficiently and effectively meeting the needs of customers in focused market segments. This is a sampling of our clientele.

Use Cases

Worked to deploy a central facilities management capabilities in a $4.2B healthcare IDN with 19 hospital and 350+ facility portfolio.  Deployed a facilities and real estate management platform to integrate multiple technical operations IT support applications and track the entire portfolio.

Deployed a platform to track the cost reduction initiatives identified in a series of IR facility audits across the globe. This site coordinated team activities, opportunity documentation and business justification.

Worked with client to develop a business case to evaluate the change in accounts payable departments and to more effectively manage the utility and telecom expenses of the organization. This project brought over $10M in annualized savings.

Case 1
Evaluated the deployed applications across a multi-billion dollar operation and through a value assessment process justified the reduction of over 60% of their application count and over $7M of annual expense. 

Case 2
Helped and multi-facility client to consolidate into a single web-based application for CMMS that drove over $400M in operational improvements.

Evaluated a corporate enterprise with over $175M in annual IT Operations budget resulting in the business justification to deploy projects saving the organization over $27M annually with less than a 1 year payback. 

Deployed a platform to support Cummins executives in the Capital Planning, Demand Capacity Planning and Sales Forecasting. This initiative modified the organizations capital submission process and post deployment auditing protocols.