Facilities & MRO Marketplace

We save you money and
make buying fast, easy, and efficient.

Digitally Shop & Buy

Would you like an Amazon-like marketplace for your employees? Our marketplace gives your employees online access to your preferred local suppliers as well as our national suppliers. No more time-consuming phone orders, back and forth emails, or searching the web for products. 

Access Our Suppliers & Yours

You have one-click access to our pre-negotiated discounts from national suppliers and we can add your favorite local distributors to our Marketplace for faster and more efficient ordering. No more hopping from website to website, see all your suppliers in one place.

Control Employee Purchases

Put all your preferred suppliers in one online location to more easily influence where your employees purchase while giving you complete visibility into where, what, and how purchases are being made, and by whom. You finally can gain control over where purchases are being made.

Group Purchasing Infographic

Group Purchasing

  • Leverages the volume of products and commodities procured through Group Purchasing Organizations to ensure you get he lowest pricing and optimal savings. 
  • Analyzes your requirements and identifies alternative products and technologies that meet your needs while saving you money.
  • Ensures flow down to sub-contractors is realized and recognized in your program.


  • Ensure that products for each need are standardized to take advantage of volume and sourcing efficiencies.
  • Ensures consistency of products and processes across sites to maximize savings.
  • Provide access to both negotiated and off-contract items to address each site’s needs.
  • Product specifications & performance are clearly defined to ensure needs are met.
  • Defined approach drives compliance & reporting ensuring transparency to savings.

Our customers are realizing 7-25% discounts on equipment and supplies we negotiated based on our $500+ million in aggregated spend. Savings like these have a direct impact on your bottom line — the more you save, the higher your profits!


Reduce Admin Costs

Take this opportunity to consolidate your suppliers to gain leverage and reduce the number of invoices generated from buying from so many different suppliers. Streamlining administrative tasks frees time for more strategic projects.

Less Time Negotiating 

Our marketplace’s pre-negotiated terms and discounts give you the assurance and comfort of not having to haggle and negotiate with multiple suppliers. We’ve done the work for you. Now you have more time to focus on delighting your customers.

Reduce Maverick Spending

Reduce maverick or rogue spending by providing your employees with one location to access all your preferred suppliers instead of letting them buy wherever they want. Employees love convenience, so having a dedicated Marketplace allows them to get all their shopping done in one place – all from approved sources.

Digital Guard Rails

When employees go rogue and visit unapproved supplier websites, our digital buying assistant pops up in their browser with the same product from your preferred suppliers, encouraging them to buy from the suppliers you want. These “digital guard rails” nudge them each time they stray and they can instantly buy the item.

Best Value Finder

  • Utilizes a browser add-on to identify best pricing
  • Active web-based shopping pop-ups give the user alternative options for the items they are searching for
  • Integrated with Group Purchasing agreements and catalog pricing to align elements of the program
  • Compliance tracked & reported

How Does It Work?

1. Shop on one of your favorite supplier websites

While you shop on Amazon or other supplier websites, the Best Value Finder will automatically find the price and quantity available for the product you’re viewing at your preferred suppliers!

Facilities & MRO - Value Finder 1

2. Best Value Finder will find the best deals

As you view different product pages, the Best Value Finder pops up when it finds the same product in-stock at a lower price from one of your preferred suppliers

Facilities and MRO - Value Finder 2

3. Save money instantly!

With one-click, you can buy it from your preferred supplier at a lower price.
As a member, you receive 7% – 25% discounts so the savings add up!

Facilities and MRO - Value Finder 3