Our Value Proposition

Innovative and strategic management strive to optimize their performance through cost reduction, revenue expansion and capacity optimization. Unfortunately, overwhelmed by the demands of the job and chaos in the marketplace, management is unable to be as effective as planned. This is where CWE Advisory Services come in.  

CWE Advisory Services help our clients achieve their goals and objectives. We simplify the process by clearly understanding the current need and providing the resources required to achieve the end goal. We provide focus and visibility to your processes and systems in measured ways.

By clearly defining the baseline and understanding the capabilities and constraints of the organization, a realistic and achievable plan is developed and deployed to accomplish the desired performance. Our skill sets and deliverables are designed to drive performance and accelerate impact.

CWE strives to provide our clients with factual information and implications so that they can make educated decisions.


The CWE IT Optimization Practice  aids clients in the development of network management strategies, long-range planning/road maps and implementation/ action plans to drive the path to realization improvements, cost savings and profit enhancements surrounding their IT Department and infrastructure. This practice also analyzes and provides recommendation/ solutions for application management, IT power consumption, telecom and network configuration, space utilization and more.


The CWE Quality Practice  helps clients develop structure, processes, systems and reporting protocols. Whether your needs are derived from costs, timing, re-work or dissatisfaction, or dissatisfaction, our experienced staff will help define the root causes and develop a custom remediation plan to achieve desired, repeatable results. 

The Quality Practice provides clients with a strategy and process framework to look holistically at their operating costs, practices, and efficiency. 


The CWE Analytical Modeling Practice  provides clients with an in-depth analysis into their data and environment. Therefore, clients are able to make proactive versus only reactive decisions. Our experienced team coupled with our partners from top technological companies and suppliers provides  you with unparalleled business intelligence to make effective decisions. Regardless of your industry, we have your “big data” and analytical needs covered!


The Financial Optimization Practice  focuses on cash management, capital management and administrative services to enhance profitability. Our job is to help you achieve competitive advantage and efficiency through the deployment and integration of key financial systems and business software that best suit your specific needs. Your company relies on information supplied by accounting/ finance teams to make critical decisions. 

Sharpening the operations of those teams is our objective.

This optimization leads to quicker and more valuable information, driving better top-level decisions and measurable improvements in your company’s performance. Enhancing your company’s deb structures can help eliminate unnecessary burdens on operational cash flow and help solidify the focus on current operations and sharpen your vision for the future. 

The Scope of Services Include:

  • Financial Platform Management
  • Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • Payroll
  • Financial Reporting
  • Coordination and Tax Management
  • Forecasting
  • Billing/Collections
  • Strategic Sourcing

The Optimization Impacts can be Significant!

The Spend Matrix defines the current cost by category and vendor to understand the enterprise along with the savings potential based on the constraints of organizational resources.

Value Assessment

This review is a combination of desk & on-site audits and analysis to define the current delivery model and ensure that the data accurately accounts for all costs and requirements. The departmental Service Delivery Process Maps define current systems, capabilities and processes along with the service level requirements. This baselines operations and defines the process improvement potential based on any constraints. We use this information to design programs, projects, and action plans that reduce IT operational costs.

Program Implementation

Programs control a prioritized mix of services designed to provide optimum financial and service level impact. Prioritization will be tailored to the culture and change readiness of your systems and organization.