its no longer simply about the bottom line

Today’s consumers care deeply about who they are buying from, not just what they’re buying.

The CWE is a technology and advisory services firm that leverages expertise in multiple areas to identify, measure, improve and report on business operations.

Set a new standard for your ESG reporting & engagement

CWE ESG Reporting Benefits

Attracting Investors

Get reporting information that is key for investment growth by ensuring your organization’s ESG efforts are understood, recognized, and promoted.

Perception & Image

Be seen in the best light in an area that is top-of-mind for investors, shareholders, journalists, employees, communities, and the public.


Put mechanisms in place for identifying changes in regulations that will require future compliance and avoid potential damage.


Have ESG related information available to answer a wide variety of questions relating to these topics that stakeholders want to know.


Proactively address short- and long-term risks by having a complete ESG picture for your organization.


Gain insight into opportunities for improvement across your organization through a common reporting pool that brings together multiple, typically distinct, systems and areas.

Learn more about ESG

In this 5-part blog series, we discuss how organizations can evaluate and improve their socioeconomic efforts using ESG.

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