What is the CWE OneView?

CWE ONEVIEW provides an integration and analytics platform to help organizations improve the visibility of their global property portfolio and facilities information through an efficient central portal. It has proved an invaluable tool to our clients who now benefit from strategic information from disparate data sources brought together, accessible and comparable in one location for the first time. 

CWE OneView is completely compatible with all legacy data systems and tools.

OneView collaborates with existing data sources to form a centralized advanced analytics and visualization platform without the need to rip and replace.

It is a decision support tool that unites data streams from sources such as, finance, facilities, utilities, and projects to see key operational metrics together for the first time.

With our interactive dashboards and common data model, organizations are creating a framework for future analytical modeling and achieving operational objectives.

The Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) recognizes the difficulty companies face to gain better control and insight of their data, business processes, and how they access and share information.

OneView provides visibility for companies to…

  • Reduce Operational Expenses
  • Improve Delivery Models
  • Validate Project Costs & Savings
  • Ensure Data Accuracy

What is the value of OneView?


  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Life Science
  • Institutions
  • Commercial

OneView eliminates the need for manual data aggregation for enterprise-level reporting while providing the capabilities to interact, query, and draw insights on the mass volume of data in your organization.

The Challenge or Client Issue:

Due to the sophistication and complexity of real estate and facility management, there are 100’s of discreet systems, assets and applications involve in the operations. A huge challenge is that most do not communicate with one another, so it is near impossible to aggregate the data into a capability to manage for a central prospective. This makes it difficult to create and comply to standards or to leverage best practices across departments, locations and business units

OneView aids our direct industrial and healthcare clients as well as our consulting partners in the deployment of enterprise-wide management strategies, long range planning and actions to drive process improvements.

OneView will seamlessly integrate with legacy applications and data sets to form a single powerful data model and visualization solution.