In our modern world, data drives your every decision, but the technology that produces this information moves at the speed of light. Those working with businesses, health systems, and educational institutions scramble to keep up, repeatedly challenged to manage and leverage vast amounts of information. That’s our mission here at Collaborative Work Environment. With innovative […]
Microsoft 365 (MS365) is a powerful suite of tools that can help organizations of all sizes improve productivity, streamline communication, and automate workflows. However, small to medium-sized businesses and large teams may have different needs and requirements when it comes to leveraging MS365. In this blog, we’ll explore some tips on how organizations can better […]
It is no secret that operational expense is one of the most important factors to consider when running a business. It is often the key difference in growth and profitability and struggling to survive. In today’s fast-paced and challenging business world, organizations are constantly looking for ways to optimize their operations and reduce costs. The […]
Historically, processing utility bills were not given much thought. In fact, it was largely perceived as a cost of doing business with your provider and there was little one could do to manage this expense. Today, utility bills are a significant expense for most businesses and managing them can be a time-consuming, complex and resource […]
Data management and analytics can play a crucial role in driving process improvement initiatives. These two functions help organizations make sense of the vast amounts of data they collect and use the insights gleaned from that data to improve their operations. What is data management and analytics? Data management is the process of collecting, storing, […]
In recent years, the concept of the virtual office has become increasingly popular as businesses look for ways to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and adapt to changing work patterns. The pandemic forced many to say “goodbye” to large office spaces, traditional work hours, and water cooler conversations and accelerated the need for many organizations to […]
In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, technology is at the heart of everything. From communication to data management, IT plays an integral role in the success of any organization. As such, it is critical for large organizations to effectively manage their IT spend. This can be achieved through the implementation of a marketplace solution that […]
In today’s world of economic uncertainty ensuring your organization is doing everything possible to optimize processes and cut costs while investing in future growth is vital. Facility management is one area that can often be overlooked. For large facility portfolio owners, managing and maintaining multiple facilities can be a daunting task. In order to ensure […]
As a business owner or facilities management professional you have many responsibilities. One of the most important is managing costs. One of these is constant, your utility costs. Utilities, such as electricity, water, and gas, are essential to our daily lives. However, they can also be a significant expense for many and can often take […]